Product development

We carefully process and analyze the market insight with our unique and original development method based on design thinking and we create products and services fully expressing creators’ inspiration and creativity.

Application development

Developing Apps capturing user insights

We have the technical capability to design the optimum interface while considering usability. Planning ability to extract ideas from users' insights. We are promoting the development of a new application that multiplies our strong app development skills and planning skills we have cultivated. From planning and designing to development, we create on a one-stop basis.

Service development

Creators inspire each other to develop new services

The goal is not only to solve customer's problems but also to solve problems not yet realized in society. Creators develop new business segments that provide new value to society on a daily basis. Members with wide knowledge of different expertise stimulate each other and compete to develop new services that meet the hidden needs of society.


Selling unique stationary with designer’s personality

To connect the individuals and goods more comfortably, we develop new stationery and interior goods with creativity and new presentation. More than 200 stores sell our product and also are exhibited both at domestic and overseas trade fairs. By running a new product development competition within the company every year, we are able to polish and commercialize only truly outstanding ideas.