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Corporate Philosophy

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TDS To think in a “positive mindset” and expanding the opportunities and growing the connection with people, We, TDS believe that it is our mission to create and provide “new value” to the society.

Corporate Philosophy

We Create Values.

We at TDS provide various forms of output to the society under the concept of “Designing Information”.
Information is the source of generating comfortable human society: People Identify matter and object, and comprehend information to better life. Therefore, “Designing Information” is “Creation of New Value”

As a company, we believe that enhancing strong corporate value through creativity is demanded. It is essential to think of the relationship between the stakeholders when establishing a brand. We also believe that it is necessary to focus on the communication of “information”, in another words to throughly evaluate how to design is the key.
Consequently, excelling product or wonderful corporate action will not be able to truly communicate their allure unless if the message is not transmitted correctly.

Various media and needs exist, and quick solutions are demanded. Missions and requests become more difficult and intricate. We at TDS work with the motto of “Information Design Management” to create unique corporate brand value. With that as the fundamental, we design for a more better corporate value and communication from a broad perspective, through multiple stages and methods such as advertisement and promotion.

Each Individual with strong professionalism designs information following the code of “the spirit to communicate” and believing in “the power of communication.” We continue to provide unique value to our customers and create benefits for the society. Philosophy of TDS is: Design has the power to change people and lives.

Our Principles

To have the staff take the initiative to generate ideas, and cooperate with not only with the teammates but with clients, we established the TDS Credo in September 2011.
Many unique creators gather here, and we believe that it is important to share the goals and mission of creating, designing and establishing a great relationship, to reach our maximum performance in our own segment of work, we created the “Seven Code of Honor”.
Each staff in TDS wields the credo written on a card, to vision themselves becoming the ideal self that they can be proud of.

Be your ideal self always

  1. 1.Work with strong aspiration.
    Creating many, good connection is our mission. Understand and realize that our exciting work will provide joy to people and to the world.
  2. 2.“Like” it.
    Be curious, try liking it. It will bring new thoughts and ideas. Be crazy about it and be passionate!
  3. 3.Become a professional “with your own style”
    Imagine your self as an unique, “only-one” professional. Polish yourself always to become the very best.
  4. 4.Try until you put the full full effort.
    Have the responsibility as the professional, and the love toward your output. ALWAYS try your best.
  5. 5.Make your surroundings happy first.
    Context and atmosphere are established with the team. Do not think only in your mindset and point of view; try to think with the other’s circumstances.
  6. 6.“Compete” and “Cooperate” with your team.
    Support each other. Sophisticate your thoughts by interacting. Share your feeling and thoughts to get excellent results.
  7. 7.Become a “team” with your client.
    Everyone who is aligned to the same goal is the “team”. Establish a strong bond and think together, share stories, thoughts, ideas and enjoy together.