Social media policy

Social Media Policy

With the intent of building better communication with the society and improving the brand of our company through social media, TDS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company (we)") will state and follow the policies listed below:

  1. 1

    Our company (we) understand about social media.

    1. (1)Always recognize that unspecified number of users are accessible to the information sent.
    2. (2)We fully recognize that the information we send has a considerable impact on society.
    3. (3)We will comply with our own internal rules stipulated when sending information.
    4. (4)We recognize that information is true at the particular time of posting and there is a possibility that it may change thereafter.
    5. (5)We understand that you cannot completely delete information once you post.
  2. 2

    Our company (we) is responsible for the participation of social media.

    1. (1)Posting information and dialogue will be conducted with a good intent without falsifying the status.
    2. (2)We are responsible for sending information and corresponding, so as not to give misunderstandings.
    3. (3)We will refrain from sending out information/contents including personal information and confidential information.
    4. (4)To have a listening attitude towards remarks to our company.
    5. (5)We will respond seriously and sincerely when there is a mistake in the content.
  3. 3

    Our company (we) will comply with laws dealing with information.

    1. (1)In compliance with various laws and regulations, we will not violate copyright and portrait rights of third parties, damaging the honor of third parties, infringement acts of other rights.
    2. (2)When quoting an article or third party material, we will clearly indicate its source and quoted part.

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